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Yesterday, Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) stated that the Boston Bombers called into question the Immigration Reform Act, just submitted to Congress by the Bipartisan “Gang of Eight.” Indeed, during four horrid days these two misguided young men murdered four people and injured 170.

During this same four day period, 120 people in the United States died from gunshot wounds that were not inflicted by ‘immigrant terrorists;’ 212 U.S. Citizens committed suicide by gun; and 648 Americas were injured, either deliberately or accidentally, by guns (Source: CDC). Senator Grassley had the opportunity to reduce this death toll by voting with the 90% of Americans who favor universal background checks of all gun sales. Instead, he voted for his campaign contributors.

Dear Senator Grassley: the Boston Bombers where but two of 10,478,466 individuals who obtained Legal Permanent Residency in the US since the Tsarnaev brothers arrived here ten years ago (Source: Department of Homeland Security); as a point of reference that would be 0.00000019%. Senator, you owe every immigrant in the United States an apology.

As for the Ann Coulter tweet: “It’s too bad Suspect #1 won’t be be able to be legalized by Marco Rubio now”  — I want to puke. My tweet back: “Too bad Ann Coulter doesn’t run the marathon.”