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I am listening tonight to APM/NPR Marketplace on the “economic genius” of Texas and I am thinking back to NPR’s Morning Edition just 11 hours ago.

On Morning Edition we hear of the Texas fertilizer factory that exploded. We learn that the fire department that responded to the initial fire were all volunteers. We learn that there is an elementary school 100 yards away. We learn that this factory was cited in 2006 by the Federal Government for serious safety violations including several hundred gallons of ammonia (ammonia + fertilizer = bomb).

And we learn that the economic genius of Texas has no mechanism or department to check on the safety of such factories; this ‘stand-alone’ state relies on volunteer ‘first-responders’ for emergencies and the Federal Government for once a decade safety checks.

At least 96 homes were leveled. Fortunately, the number of deaths was less than a Texas Dozen.

The economic genius of Texas?

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.