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A friend from high school sends a link: “Pastor Rick Warren’s son commits suicide”

This is indeed tragic and further it is church that helped my sister tremendously as a single mother, and I have no animosity.

But check out how Fox “News” chooses to phrase the following paragraph:

“In 2008, the church sponsored a presidential forum with Obama and Republican Sen. John McCain. Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney had been invited to a similar forum last fall . . . “

SENATOR McCain . . . REPUBLICAN NOMINEE Romney . . . and . . . “Obama”?? I believe that at the time of that first invite “Obama” was ALSO a Senator. And should it not be “President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney” . . . ??

Even “presidential forum” (“Presidential”) is an insult to the office.

You wish to disrespect the man? OK, you are a jerk; you want to disrespect the office? You are a hypocrite.

So much for “liberal media bias”!