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There was this guy named Mitt who was the Governor of Massachusetts. Not a bad guy. An “East Coast Republican moderate . . .”

He ran for President and lost. So he reinvented himself; took what Nixon referred to as “a tack to the right.” But when he ran again, what it was to be a “conservative” four years ago was now “moderate” . . . and as the primary campaign wore on that which was “moderate” became “liberal.”

Still, this guy named Mitt persevered and won the nomination. He vetted half a dozen potential running mates and settled on a guy named Portman. His staff started to set up the announcement; they were less than 36 hours away.

Then one of the national Tea Party ‘leaders’ went on Fox ‘news’ to say that if anyone but a guy named Ryan were to be named VP the Tea Party would boycott the election. Fourty-eight hours latter a guy named Mitt named a guy named Ryan as his veep. And so it was that this Mitt — who has been campaigning for President for six years straight — sold his soul to the Tea Party to secure his nomination.

Then this guy named Mitt and this guy named Ryan held a grand old party that was little more than a fawning tribute to, and infomercial for, the Tea Party.

Finally, last night, our Mitt showed up for a Presidential Debate. Gone was the Mitt of the convention; gone was the Mitt of primary; gone was the Mitt of the previous election . . .

The cursed “lame-stream media” say that this guy named Mitt “won” the debate.

Me, I think it would be rather tough to debate a guy named Mitt when you don’t really know which Mitt is going to show up to debate you . . .

You have to wonder if his children even recognize him.