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I will grant the Republicans this:

Looking back at the past year of the Obama administration I do wonder why he has not proposed a special tax break for Latino lesbians confined to a wheelchair whose father was an illegal Filipino immigrant who served in the first Iraq war and whose mother volunteered in the Peace Corps all the while driving a Prius and living a Vegan lifestyle . . .

I find the pandering an embarrassment.

At the risk of offending my more conservative friends and insulting those more liberal . . . an opinion piece from the LA Times by Michael Kinsley: “Homer Simpson for President:”


All that said Paul Ryan is even scarier than Sarah Palin. Paul Ryan can actually form coherent sentences. I have little doubt that he would be capable of “running the trains on time” but is that really what we want?

While I like Obama and his intentions I would honestly have to rate Barak as only slightly better than Ford and Carter, a bit less onerous than Bush Senior and roughly equivalent to post Lewinsky Clinton. That said, even the Watergate era Congress was more bipartisan and focused on a solution than today’s Tea Party controlled House of Representatives.

Let us all, Liberal and Conservative alike, admit the sorrowful truth that neither FDR nor Ronald Reagan nor George Washington himself would be able to corral a working majority in this Congress.

Today, neither the “Rockefeller Republican” (unfortunately) nor the “Blue Dog Democrat” (thankfully) exists.

When we elected “Hope and Change” we thought that we were sending a message. We thought that a rational middle still existed. We thought that those we elected actually wanted to govern.

Don’t like “Obamacare” . . . blame those “moderates” and conservatives who would not come to the table;

Hate finance reform . . . blame those “moderates” and conservatives who would not come to the table;

Think that Obama’s legacy is too far to the left? A President needs to negotiate with Congress. If the only people willing to negotiate are the far left then what do you expect to be signed into law?

To Democrats: As Mom used to say: “Be careful what you wish for”

To Republicans: If you bunt, don’t complain about the lack of home runs. If you punt, don’t complain about your lack of touchdowns. If you refuse to talk . . . well, you can’t complain that your voice is not being heard: and yelling is not talking; signing the Grover Norquist “No Tax” pledge is not talking; “my way or the highway” is not talking; proposing legislation that you already know has zero chance of passing is not talking.

And as the heading says . . . random rants.


Thanks for reading.