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Mitt Romney: “President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family.”

Newt Gingrich promised $2.50/gallon gas. We could do that. We could suck dry every last ounce of a limited resource.

I remember my Mom saying “the day gas goes over a dollar a gallon is the day I stop driving.” We could get back to $2.50/gal gasoline . . . and in twenty years our grandkids will be reading at night by candlelight.

Is not the essence of “conservative” to conserve?

The ‘conservatives’ complain about the debt we are leaving our children. Fair enough. By they ignore that while deficits come and go with economic cycles (witness Bush I, Clinton and Bush II) if our kids and grandkids can’t go outside during the day because the ozone layer is gone; if they have no food to eat because the “American Heartland” is a desert; if we have run out of oil and natural gas because we are so greedy and “me first” that we run the tap dry  . . .

Let’s look at this another way: To all you Republican (and Democratic) defense hawks out there: last I checked F-14 fighter jets don’t run on biofuel and there is no such thing as a solar powered submarine. So if for no other reason, embrace alternate energy and limit the use of fossil fuels so that we can protect our shores and your beloved industrial-military complex far, far, far into the future.

The irony? The U.S. Military is one of the biggest innovators and users of alternative energy sources (LA Times; Time Magazine; NPR).

The way that one helps ‘you and your family’ is exactly to ‘slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet’ – assuming of course one is looking seventy years into the future and not just the 70 days until the election.

But hey, I don’t have kids: Drill baby, Drill!!!!